Top 4 Hi-Tech Gadgets That Will Rock the World in 2017

Going by the many newfangled gadgetry we’ve already seen at various technology-based expos locally and outside the country, we can certainly expect to witness a vast array of several extraordinary products. As top-tier companies across automotive, tech, and domestic appliance industries showcase their latest innovations, ….

Going back to a Classic Toy

With the game scene changing to computerized games, it is nice to be able to play with a classic such as play dough. It is nice to know there are still classics to enjoy. Let’s take a look at one classic. In the mid ’50’s, ….

Dolls for Boys

There seems to be a new trend in the making these days, dolls directed towards boys. The popularity of these dolls is growing rapidly. You can find many different style. To pick the one that fits best for your boy, you must consider the child. ….