Top 4 Hi-Tech Gadgets That Will Rock the World in 2017

Going by the many newfangled gadgetry we’ve already seen at various technology-based expos locally and outside the country, we can certainly expect to witness a vast array of several extraordinary products. As top-tier companies across automotive, tech, and domestic appliance industries showcase their latest innovations, everyone should prepare for dozens of outright thrilling surprises.

While some of these one-of-a-kind inventions are already out, others are still undergoing the painstaking design process. As such, this article delves into a few gizmos as well as a number of highly sophisticated products created by the current crop of leading innovators. Continue reading to discover some top 4 awesome gadgets set to dominate corporate news headlines throughout 2017.

1. Lenovo Smart Assistant
Featuring a total of eight highly effective microphones that can clearly pick speech a whopping 16 feet away, this unbeatable innovation is a real sensation. Quite affordable, in fact more affordable than Amazon Echo, this product appears to be an incredibly better alternative for every savvy 2017 punter. What’s even more exciting is the fact that the wonderful acquisition is expertly powered by Alexa voice assistant – the very same outstanding feature that had rendered Amazon Echo pretty unparalleled.

As if this novel feat isn’t yet anything worth accolades, the manufacturers are about to release the Smart Assistant this May. The yet-to-be-unveiled affair is set to include unbelievably diverse options playing music, managing to-do lists and calendars, responding to specified queries, among a slew of other unprecedented functionalities.

2. Intel’s Credit Card-Sized Computer
As a way of enabling us to easily upgraded various domestic appliances and robots, Intel has already emerged with a trailblazing mini-computer the size of a typical credit card. Aptly dubbed “Intel’s Compute Card”, the small computer that’s going to be churned in 2017 will be quite easy and convenient to insert(and remove) into a couple of smart devices. The overall aim of these breathtaking developments is to make it possible to upgrade several everyday gadgets like security cameras and refrigerators.

3. LG W-Series TV
As part of their 2017 top gadgets that are likely to top the charts, LG has come up with wallpaper-modeled mega-screened TVs. The giant company’s 77-inch television set is amazingly thin and invincibly light compared to other gizmos of the same magnitude. It weighs a measly 27 pounds! Unlike some rival designs in the present electronics market like Samsung and Sony, LG’s outlook is downright unique as it features a more developed screen that detached the main system.

This technology is the ultra-classic innovation that’s anticipated to define a newfound competitive edge among top Milwaukee limo service providers in 2017. It’s indubitably one of the most revered tech ideas expected to elicit an equal measure of justified awe and international admiration from millions of electronics consumers from all over the map.

4. Mohu Airwave
The biggest challenge facing the existing cord-cutting technology is its conspicuous absence of localized broadcast coverage. To circumvent this enduring obstacle, Antenna designers Mohu have announced plans to come up with a newly-engineered $150 wireless antenna that offers local television channels to people using Fire TV, Apple, Roku, and Android. Nut-shelled the principal idea will be to make it possible for consumers to access local channels through a specifically crafted app.

Going back to a Classic Toy


With the game scene changing to computerized games, it is nice to be able to play with a classic such as play dough. It is nice to know there are still classics to enjoy. Let’s take a look at one classic.

In the mid ’50’s, there were two men who came up with an idea. This idea still carries on now and continues to be loved by children all over the world. They made a way for you to play with dough.

When this product was first invented, it was for cleaning wallpaper. One of these men’s’ sister in law needed something safer than clay for children to play with. She let her child play with the dough and soon, Play Doh was introduced into the school system. It was love by all who came in contact with it. It became an instant success. The brothers’ formed a company and soon went nationwide with the product.

Getting the word out was a very important part of the success. Several children’s’ programs gave their blessing over the new found product. This made Play Doh very popular nationwide. Their symbol was a boy wearing a beret. As time gone on many accessories were added. This allowed them money to research further products.

Many years later they added new colors, different smells and some you could see in the dark. There has been over a billion cans sold since the creation.

It is top secret as to what items are in Play Doh. We do know there is water and flour in it. There is some type of petroleum in it to make it smooth.

Play Doh is sold in all parts of the world. You may want to have a party on the 18th of September.  That’s a holiday for Play Doh. Children are still loving it today.

Dolls for Boys

dolls-937516_960_720There seems to be a new trend in the making these days, dolls directed towards boys. The popularity of these dolls is growing rapidly. You can find many different style. To pick the one that fits best for your boy, you must consider the child.

There is a doll for most any child. The baby who needs a snuggle toy, or a teenager who has collected all their life. This will help you fine tune your selection.

Sometimes young boys just like to have something to snuggle with. They might even just like to wrestle with a friend {doll}. The toy maker usually uses material that can take a little more wear and tear since boys tend to be a little rougher on toys than girls.

Some of these dolls are very good for teaching. They can learn how to button shirts, use zippers or maybe even tie a shoe. Many believe that it can help teach a boy how to someday be a better father.

There are dolls designed specifically to teach. They focus mostly on children under the age of 2.  You can find them online or in stores. Online will probably give you more options than going to a certain store.

Some people just like to collect the dolls. Some of these people are very hard core collectors.  They look for very specific items and qualities in the dolls that they collect. Some of them search for the most human looking doll. Each person who designs a doll has their own thumb print, or feature that makes their dolls unique.

For the collector, going from store to store can be very time consuming. Looking online can save a lot of time and give a lot more options. For some people the store shopping is what they like the best.

What is the Right Toy

What Children Want in a Toy

Children growing up need some kind of toy. Toys help with the child’s imagination. It is no wonder this has become such a huge industry making billions of dollars. The bottom line is that children are in love with toys.

Toys for all ages

You can be sure there is a toy for whatever age your child is. On any toy, there are safety warnings to help you know what age is good for that toy. Toys focused on toddlers will not catch the attention of older children. They usually like something with a little more

Safety a high priority

Under law, the toy maker must show their product is safe from chemicals that are dangerous to children. The toy maker must show that the toy has been disinfected of any animal contamination and show the penalty for not adhering to this law. If you have felt that your child has a toy that is unsafe or has caused some type of injury, you may want to consider contacting an injury lawyer to review your case.

So many to pick from

Some of the most popular toys are action figures. Thor and Captain America are just a couple.  Disney has a good corner on the market with their action figures.

Stuffed bears are the most widest know, but Disney has come out with some very well know characters.  Children can identify certain characters from a great distance.

As a child grows you will see how their interests change. When they are toddlers, they like toys that don’t move. As they get older they want toys that do more than just sit there. A good example is a remote control car. Dogs seem to be a big craving as there getting older.

Along the way boys’ interests become different from girls. Boys start wanting toy guns, girls may want a Barbie.

Girls usually grow away from toys before boys. Boys may hang onto their action figures many more years.

Toys are a great way to break down walls between age groups.

Educational Toys

download-9With mom and dad so busy now days, they are trying to find things that will entertain and teach at the same time. They spend a lot of money and time looking for educational games and toys.

The toy manufacturers have been watching the consumer trend towards educational toys. As a result, they are making more educational toys more frequently. In the past you could only find these toys and games in specific stores. Now they are a common thing in the bigger stores such as Target.

Standard toy sales have slowed down, but toys and games with educational value have increased.  Parents are looking for toys and games that will help teach their children.

In 2000, educational toys came onto the market in a big way. Games that helped children to learn to read led the way, increasing toy sales over 100 percent. There are a lot of toys now that not only help teach reading, but they also teach math, problem solving, foreign languages, and many other topics that parents find important for their children to learn.

The success of some of these games like LeapFrog opened the door for smaller companies to get their educational toys products out into the market. The companies started to expand into other areas such as art, poetry and music.

The demand has become so great that large stores have set a great portion of the toy section for educational toys and games. As the trend is growing for both parents to have to work. It seems that these toys and games will become more popular.

As the need continues to increase toys that are educational, the price should start to drop. As in most things, when something is new the cost is high. There are those parents that feel the cost is worth for their children.


Hello world!

What are the right gifts for children?

It’s an age of learning, you are trying to bestow on them good morals. Their outlook on life is being shape. You want to put the best image in their mind you can.

A question you might ask is “What kind of games and toys are good?”

Toys that allow the children to use the creative part of their brain. Children love to use their imagination. This will help later on with problem solving. One of the best ways to find out what your child maybe be interested in is to have them make a list. Once you have the list you will be able to fine tune your search. You might be looking for what will enhance their creative skills as well as being fun. When they have fun they will learn faster. From the list, you will be able to fine tune things you want them to learn.
Composition can be good if used in the right form.

present-150291_960_720Video games can help with problem solving. These games help the child look at different look outside the box. When having problems meeting the objective, they have to come up with a new way. Later on in life, they will be able to fall back experience to help them problem solve. They are learning to be confident in themselves. While they’re having fun, seeds of learning are being planted for later use in life.

Promoting interaction with others is very important for their social skills. Games that involve more than 2 players will help them to learn cooperation. Later in life they will be able to interact with friends and co-workers easier.
Picking the proper game for the age of the child.
Picking a game on a level your child is not ready for may discourage them. You will have to make the call on whether they are ready for a harder level than described on the game you buying. On the other hand, if the game is too easy they won’t be challenged, so they may not learn as much.

Every child learns in a different way and pace. We need to give them opportunity to learn, succeed and fail.